What is the current focus of research at Neurotech?

The primary focus of research at Neurotech is the treatment of macular telangiectasia (MacTel) and glaucoma.


How can I receive an ECT implant?

Neurotech Pharmaceuticals only provides ECT implants to physicians participating in clinical trials


Where do I find information regarding current clinical trials with ECT implants?

Click this link to Clinicaltrials.gov


Can Neurotech Pharmaceuticals enroll me in future clinical trials?

Prospective patients are encouraged to use clinicaltrials.gov to contact appropriate investigators.


How difficult is the implantation or removal procedure?

Generally, experienced surgeons take approximately 15 - 30 minutes for the outpatient procedure.


How much does an implant cost?

The ECT implants are not commercially available, they are supplied for clinical trials only. Cost to participate in clinical trials is determined by your insurance and the clinical site hosting the trial.


Can I sign up for email notifications on Neurotech News updates, including clinical trial information?

Yes. Click this link.


What ECT clinical trials have been completed?

Please see pipeline link.


How do I buy stock in the Neurotech Pharmaceuticals?

Neurotech Pharmaceuticals is a privately held company, and is not publically traded. Interested corporate or institutional investors may contact Neurotech directly for investment information.


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